A blog to reveal the inner workings of my brain. This tumblr will be filled with my work as well as my inspirations, hobbies, and interests.
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She won’t be left out of the fun!

Overseer cat. Keeping you up at night.

Cuddle time on the boyfriend!

Continuum and completed curls. Back to adding wefts and styling the top half. Whew.


A photo from the GIANT midwest lolita swap meet
(Photo by chance encounters photography)

I had an INCREDIBLE time and spent an amazing day with a huge group of beautiful and sweet lolitas. You guys ROCK. Simply one of the best communities I have been in. You are all stunning and I want you all to move next door to me so I can bug you 24/7.

I love these ladies.

"Spray paint huh? Yeah, you look like the anarchist graffiti type alright." So going to wear lolita the next time I need spray paint from Bunnings. Bits and bobs for Nehellenia’s jewellery.

This corselet had no bra cups yet, so no worn photos for you. Just detail shots of the boning, binding and temporary lacing. Fits like a glove so far!

Slowly resetting the curls on that monster of a wig I added wefts to. Still have to add more, but it was getting too tangled up.

Sailor Moon Crystal on my TV? Yes, please, and thank you.