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Sometimes in daily life I like to pretend I’m a time traveler from late medieval Europe and I’m just fucking amazed at my luxurious life

Let me tell you, 14th c me is REALLY impressed with modern me’s easy access to pepper and cinnamon

"you have multiple purple garments? you must be a person of some note"

"these chairs are fantastically luxurious"

"I’ve never seen so much salt in one place"

I am going to start playing this game.

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Love old school headdresses.

Apples to go into the city today.

Distracted from the box by noisy birds outside.

Turn it over so she can’t get inside? Still hers.

She thinks this box is hers now.

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does haruka ship usagi and seiya?
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100 Favorite Movies
↳ 19. Gladiator (2000)

Just saw this last night at the Opera House. Live choir and symphany = tears. So many tears.

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